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Private Jet Specialist
Slight change of colour from blue on the outer ring to cream Bentley Steering wheel


Restored and recoloured Furniture
The difference clearly shown in this half done seat cushion Waxed and coloured

Personal Items

Personal and sentimental items cleaned, conditioned, repaired, recoloured Cartier Flight Box

Cars, Planes, Helicopters, Boats, Furniture, Jackets, Bags, anything leather. 

WCS the Leather Specialist that can prolong the life of your items, through extensive training, using the best products and many years of experience, we meet customer expectations and more. We won't attempt the impossible but give an honest solution to the problem you initially contact us with. 

Cars, planes, helicopters, boats, bags, purses, boxes, jackets, trousers, shoes - if it has leather in it we can repair, recolour, recoat, clean and condition to the highest standard possible. Don't trust just anyone with your precious articles, trust a professional with training and experience

Zips: Please note we do not deal with replacing, inserting, repairing zips on any items. We only deal with the actual leather part of items, and hand sewing where the need arises. Should you require zips then we recommend 'The Menders' in Crewkerne

Latest 'vintage' restoration:

These seats are from a 1928 Sunbeam car. Time had come to deal with some sewing and adhesion problems. To finish off the job there was the re-coating of the outer leather to offer not only a better cosmetic look by taking it back to the original colour, but also to help slow down the deteriation of the actual leather.

Latest 'postal' service:

Hugo Boss leather jacket which had received over zealous DIY cleaning, resulting in the surface pigment being taken off. Customer needed a fast turn around because of an upcoming holiday, so this item arrived in the morning and was repaired then back in the post the same afternoon. Can't get much quicker than that! 

Latest 'Help me sell' Task:

This BMW didn't have a particulary high milage, but the very nature of these seats means it is nigh on impossible to get in or out without rubbing the leather bolster.

Over time this does mean the leather surface gets rubbed away, but by specialist and experienced colour matching we can recoat the effected panel without the need to recolour the complete seat.

This car which had been seen by many but wouldn't sell, was sold within two days after this work had been carried out, because the condition of the seat now matched the price ticket.

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