Leather Types

Do you know which type YOUR leather is?


It's not always possible with the naked eye to tell which leather you have and the incorrect cleaning or treatment can have catastropic results, hence why we carry microscopes with laptop monitor if needed, to get close enough to tell the difference before any work is carried out.


Full Grain Leather – This is made from the premium top side of the skin without any tampering to cover up imperfections, although it will be smooth and polishable. Absorbs water droplets immediately. 


Aniline Leather – This is Full Grain but having been submerged into a dye to change the colour, but keeping any grain patterns to show through. Have a soft natural feel and made from the best selected hides. (Also known as Crust, Pure Aniline, Naked, Unprotected). Absorbs water droplets immediately. 


Pull up Leathers – Aniline with treatment of oil or wax designed to look distressed over time although modern variations will contain a mix of polyurethane and differing elements.


Semi Aniline Leather – Aniline but has also treated with a very thin layer of protective coating which will prevent staining.


Corrected Grain Leather – Any imperfections are buffed away and then a glossy appearance is created by applying a finish colour.


Micro Pigmented Leather – Combination of Semi Aniline and Corrected.


Single Colour Pigmented Leather – also known as protected as the surface of the leather will have a clear polyurethane coating applied.


Antique Effect Leather - Pigmented leather but with 2 or 3 different colours to create the effect.


Split – Flesh side of the leather than has been ‘split’ from the skin and then treated to make it more hard wearing.


Bicast – Produced by taking a lower split and laminating a thick layer of polyurethane membrane onto it.


Bonded - Made by shredding up leather scraps and fibes then mixing with a bonding agent to create sheets. Surface is then embossed to create a grain or texture. Then coloured with a thin layer of polyurethane paint. Flaking of this outer layer can start to occur within a couple of years. Once peeling starts it is an indicator that it will occur in other places sooner rather than later. Repairs are very limited and hit or miss with how long they will last if at all.  


Nubuck – Aniline leather with the surface roughed up to create surface nap like velvet


Suede - A split leather from the flesh side that is buffed and brushed to create soft nap. Absorbs water droplets. 


Printed – Where a pattern or design is embossed onto the surface.


Regenerated – Leather fibres that has been through a process to compress the fibres, like chipboard. 


Faux – Not a leather at all but made from synthetic materials.


What is classed as true leather? If the leather has a surface coating, the mean thickness of this surface layer has to be 0.15mm or less, and does not exceed 30% of the overall thickness BS2780.


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