How can I tell what type of leather I have? Other than using at least a 30x microscope it can very difficult to tell with some of the modern techniques used to create furniture. Look through our leather types page for information that may help.


Could I clean my leather myself? Well you could if you use the correct water based products following testing of a small area, and very dependant on what type of leather you have. One of the false ideas going around is that you can use baby wipes. The damage caused by this and similar products doesn't show up immediately but will show up a few months later when the de-lamination of the top coat occurs. At this point major re-furbishment of the article is required. (see before/after pictures page for example of this).


Why can't you get stains off leather? Dyes from food, drink, jeans and inks etc will penetrate immediately into aniline and nubuck type leathers because their protective properties are nominal. Other types of leather have a pigmented coating applied and whilst this wil give some protection, if a spillage isn't dealt with immediately the dyes will penetrate past the coating and be absorbed into the actual leather. At this point it is not possible to actually remove the stain and a re-coating procedure will have to be carried out.


How often should I have my leather cleaned? This basically comes down to the amount of wear the article is subject to. At the very least it should once a year, but if it is a pale coloured suite subjected to constant usage by people wearing dark coloured trousers such as jeans then it should be done as often as once a month. Remember, once a dye has penetrated past the outer protection then cleaning is no longer an option, it then becomes a re-colouring job.


How long does the job take? We always allocate a minimum of one hour for any job no matter how small it is. Where a pigment has to be made up to match exactly the colour of an item this alone can take one hour to get the precise match. Our standards are such that we supply a quality service, and a rush job will not get the results either you or ouselves would be satisfied with.


Do you have to see the item before booking the job? For an accurate idea of how long the job will take and how much it will cost the article should be seen first. This also gives you an insight into who we are and what we can do, and whilst nothing is impossible we will give you an honest answer on what can and what can't be done. We can give a more accurate costing via e-mail if a digital photo of the article and a close up photos are sent to us.


Do you deal with handbags or purses? Yes,these items can be sent to us via courier, where upon we will inspect the item and speak to you about it before any work is carried out.


Can you match any colour? The simple answer is yes, although two tone leathers can cause a problem. In most cases this will require stripping the top colour off the complete panel or even the suite and then re-applying a new top coat.


Will the colours rub off? No. We only use professional products from top manufacturers of leather dyes and associated products. We also apply a clear top coat to seal and protect the colour. As with any dye or paint products curing time is important to get maximum durability.


Can you supply some coloured dyes so we can do it ourselves? It's not out of the question but we would require a piece of leather from the suite (min 50mm x 50mm) in order to create a matched colour. Remember businesses like ourselves have undergone top level training and would therefore offer no guarentees or promises if someone decides to do it themselves.


Are repairs permanent? Yes although a split in a high stress area such as seating will always be weaker than the origional piece.


You seem to have all the products to do any task, are any of them hazardous? No. All cleaning and re-colouring products are either water based or alcohol based. The nearest we come to any hazardous products would be a solvent based glue for repairing splits and cuts.


If I cancel the agreed work? 

1: Payment for work done is to be made on the day or by prior arrangement. In the event we have to chase up payment then we reserved the right to charge £10 per phone call per week for chasing up late payments.

2: Should we turn up at an agreed date and time to carry out work, and either no one is present to allow the work to be done, or the work is cancelled/postponed by the customer to another date, then £50 per hour to cover time and travel will be added to the initial cost to cover those losses for that day.

3: Following on from above, 50% of the agreed job cost plus the loss charge mentioned above (none refundable) will need to be paid into our account before a new date/time is agreed for the work.


If there are any further questions you would like answered please e-mail them to us. Not only will we give you the answer but we can add them on here for others with similar questions.

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