Below gives a rough idea of what to expect

The following leather repairs and prices are for your guidance only. For example there are numerous types of ink and numerous types of leather, so whilst one type of ink will come off some leather quite easily, others will not and require the effected panel to be re-coloured. Likewise a cut caused by a sharp knife with easy access to the back of the panel is quicker to repair than a cut caused by a blunt instrument with no access to the back of the panel. So the prices can only be guidelines.     


Tears: These fall into two catogries of clean tear and fractured. A clean tear to a piece of leather can be a straight forward procedure whilst a fractured tear can take a lot longer. To gain maximum strength and if possible a backing piece will be fitted to the leather, the cut re-bonded and if required re-coloured to blend. £40 to £180


Splits: Similar procedure and cost to tears 


Holes: Similar procedureand cost to tears


Burns: Whilst the procedure is reasonably basic repair time can vary between different types of leather. The burn which causes the leather to buckle will be grinded down, filled and re-coloured. £40 to £180


Cat Scratches: A process of re-glueing down and/or re-colouring the effected areas £40 to £160


Scuffing: Similar process and cost to cat scratches. 


Restoration: No guidelines can be offered on this as no two jobs are the same and will require a visit to see the article.


Car Seat Restoration: No guidelines can be offered on this as no two jobs are the same and will require a visit to see the article.


Stain Removal: Experience tells us that these can be either straight forward with no further processes required or that there can be a need to re-colour the complete panel. It is rarely possible to tell which way it is going to go until the first stage of stage removal is tried. £40 to £150.



Terms and Conditions 

1: Payment for work done is to be made on the day or by prior arrangement. In the event we have to chase up payment then we reserved the right to charge £10 per phone call per week for chasing up late payments.

2: Should we turn up at an agreed date and time to carry out work, and either no one is present to allow the work to be done, or the work is cancelled/postponed by the customer to another date, then £50 per hour to cover time and travel will be added to the initial cost to cover those losses for that day.

3: Following on from above, 50% of the agreed job cost plus the loss charge mentioned above (none refundable) will need to be paid into our account before a new date/time is agreed for the work.

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